Is It Normal to Be Tired All the Time?

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Being tired seems to be a national pastime in the these days. Ask anyone if they feel they’re getting enough sleep and they’ll probably respond with a resounding “no!” It’s really no surprise when you consider that one in three American adults gets less than the recommended seven hours of sleep per night. In fact, many Americans get far less than that.

Sleep deprivation and insomnia plague our stressed-out nation, but for many who feel tired on a regular basis, the cause may be more chronic than tossing and turning over an unpaid bill, upcoming interview, asocial event, or a presentation.

If you are constantly battling the feeling of bone-tired weariness, the source of your tiredness can be a combination of things, stress included. Getting to the bottom of your continual fatigue takes time, and helping you to regain your health and wellness is a team effort between you and your doctor.

Dr. Wayne Bonlie is a physician who incorporates family medicine with holistic medicine in order to treat the whole person, not just the condition. Lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, combined with traditional medical practices, help you enjoy your healthiest life. In the event of chronic fatigue, the holistic approach is most beneficial.

Chronic fatigue is more than just being tired

Chronic fatigue syndrome is the type of condition that plagues you on a few different levels. You feel exhausted, even upon getting out of bed in the morning. Your body aches, your head feels fuzzy much of the time, and you easily become irritable. You may often feel dizzy and lightheaded; you may have headaches and light sensitivity.

Chronic fatigue syndrome can even cause anxiety and depression in some people. Other symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are easily mistaken for the flu, or a virus. You may have:

There’s no one cause for chronic fatigue, but rather a series of triggers that can awaken chronic fatigue in certain individuals. These triggers include disruptions to your gut health, the flu, and even extreme, unrelenting emotional stress, after which the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome begin to appear.

Adrenal fatigue also wears you down

Unlike chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue is most assuredly the result of unrelenting and chronic stress. When you’re under stress, your adrenal glands kick into gear. This is your innate fight-or-flight response, which is your body’s natural way of giving you a jolt of adrenaline in dangerous situations.

Adrenal fatigue causes:

When you are dealing with extreme stress for long periods, such as a difficult career situation lasting longer than it should, the prolonged illness of a loved one, or any number of stressful circumstances, your adrenal glands work overtime to help you survive. Eventually they are taxed to the point of adrenal fatigue.

Treating the reason behind being tired all the time

To determine the reason you feel tired all the time, Dr. Bonlie gives you a thorough and comprehensive physical exam and orders lab tests to rule out any other possible causes.

If Dr. Bonlie determines you are likely suffering from chronic fatigue, he starts you on a customized treatment plan called the SHINE® protocol. In addressing all the aspects of chronic fatigue, the SHINE protocol uses sleep, hormones, immune support, nutrition, and exercise to restore the balance and wellness that’s missing. You begin to feel a renewed sense of health as you reclaim your former self.

For those who suffer from adrenal fatigue, Dr. Bonlie helps you address the stress factors in your life. It’s not possible to fully eliminate stress, but with certain therapies and lifestyle modifications, you can reduce the impact stress has on you and your body.

In addition to teaching you how to manage stress, Dr. Bonlie also may prescribe herbal and vitamin supplements to restore correct adrenal function. He may also recommend further stress management techniques such as physical exercise, meditation and yoga, and alternative therapies to manage negative and stressful thoughts and encounters.

For the most severe cases of adrenal fatigue, a closely monitored cortisone therapy may be necessary to restore the balance of your body’s cortisol.

The answer to your fatigue

If you’re feeling tired all the time, it’s probably more than just missed sleep. There may a medical reason for your exhaustion, and you can take action to restore your feelings of health and wellness. Contact the office of Wayne Bonlie, MD, to find out how you can overcome your fatigue. We’re located in Timonium, Maryland, just 20 minutes from Baltimore.

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