Myths and Facts About Functional Medicine

If you’ve ever heard of functional medicine, it’s likely been either a glowing review or a harsh critique. Functional medicine truly gets it from both sides. On the plus side, its image has been boosted by famous physicians like Dr. Oz

On the negative side, “functional medicine quackery” is a top Google result and the term’s Wikipedia entry is part of a series on alternative and pseudo-medicine. With so much being said on both sides, it’s best to examine myths and facts about functional medicine yourself.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Functional medicine has been successful in treating many chronic conditions but hasn’t gone through the centuries of systematic testing that conventional medicine has endured. 

As with many new fields of medicine, it’s easy to see functional medicine as a blip on the radar. But when combined with the real expertise of someone like Dr. Wayne Bonlie, functional medicine may help you see results that conventional medicine has yet to yield.  

Myth: Functional medicine is quackery

Many in the field of western medicine have been quick to shrug off functional medicine as pseudo-science or quackery. When not practiced by a medical professional, this may be true. Dr. Bonlie, however, views functional medicine through the eyes of a trained physician. 

When applied scientifically, functional medicine examines how the body is connected in a complicated network or web of relationships. When treating specific symptoms, it’s important to consider this web – functional medicine looks to heal the body by making sure all of the web’s strands are as healthy as possible. 

Myth: Medicine without medications is bunk

You know the drill by know. You feel sick and go to the doctor. They write you a prescription for an antibiotic and you feel better in a few days. This model has worked for decades and hasn’t changed much. Despite this, the rise of drug-resistant bacteria and an escalating number of Americans dealing with chronic conditions has added some rust of the shine of conventional medicine.

Functional medicine looks to treat the whole body to promote health instead of treating illness. Dr. Bonlie creates a highly customized treatment plan for you. He works with compounding pharmacies to create the precise medication needed to enhance your health. 

He may also recommend nutritional supplements, therapies, and lifestyle modifications to get you back to a state of overall wellness.

Myth: functional medicine and conventional medicine can’t mesh

Nothing could be further from the truth, and Dr. Bonlie is evidence of this. Functional medicine and conventional medicine are not binaries that exist in different silos. Dr. Bonlie works diligently to identify the issue at the root of your health problems, which could range from an overgrowth of stomach bacteria or chronic inflammation in your digestive tract to a hormonal imbalance. 

By combining his medical expertise with a functional lens, Dr. Bonlie is able to treat the whole body. By becoming a partner in your health, Dr. Bonlie can improve your overall well-being for years to come.

Ready to try functional medicine for yourself? Come see us at Wayne Bonlie, MD. Dr. Bonlie is focused on holistic medicine and looks to help his patients improve their overall wellness and lead healthy, active lives. 

Dr. Bonlie understands that wellness is more complicated than the symptoms of patient experiences. He and his team will work with you to devise a custom treatment plan that will have you feeling better in no time.

Functional medicine may be the answer to improving your health. Dr. Bonlie and our team will help you restore your vitality and lead a healthy and active life. Call or send a message to our Timonium office today. 

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