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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Q&A

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to medicine in which Dr. Bonlie uses a variety of diagnostic tools to identify the true root cause of your health problems. Functional medicine considers all the systems of your body to be interconnected.

Functional medicine doesn’t rely entirely on conventional medicine. Dr. Bonlie integrates the best of alternative and traditional medicine to provide a highly customized treatment plan that addresses the issue causing your symptoms while also improving your overall wellness and optimizing your body function.

What are the benefits of functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a highly patient-focused approach. Dr. Bonlie works with you as your true partner in health, spending quality one-on-one time with you so he can develop a comprehensive understanding of your well-being. He doesn’t just focus on your symptoms, but helps you improve your overall health.

Functional medicine is also highly customized. Dr. Bonlie works with compounding pharmacies to create the precise medication needed to enhance your health. He also suggests nutritional supplements, therapies, and lifestyle modifications to provide a well-rounded approach to improving your overall wellness.

Dr. Bonlie combines the best options from conventional and alternative medicine. He understands that your needs are unique and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to improving health. As a result, he uses his extensive experience and rigorous training combined with a comprehensive understanding of your needs to select the combination of treatments and therapies that best improve your health and wellness.

What health conditions improve with functional medicine?

Dr. Bonlie uses a functional approach for every patient. He believes that one of the most critical parts of his role as a physician is to identify the true root cause of your symptoms. Too many patients suffer from fatigue, depression, weight gain, and digestive problems that don’t respond to a purely traditional approach. With functional medicine, Dr. Bonlie works diligently to identify the issue at the root of your health problems, which could range from an overgrowth of candida or chronic inflammation in your digestive tract to a hormonal imbalance.

Functional medicine may not provide a quick solution, but it will improve your overall well-being. Dr. Bonlie is your partner in health and gives you the time, attention, and customized treatment plans you need to both resolve your symptoms and help you restore your vitality and lead a healthy and active life.

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