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Icon Laser

Icon Laser Q&A

What is the Icon™ laser system?

The Icon™ laser system is an innovative fractional laser system. The noninvasive treatment provides effective resurfacing by combining intense exfoliation and coagulation that tightens existing collagen and stimulates new collagen growth.

The Icon laser is unique in that Dr. Bonlie calibrates it to address your specific aesthetic needs. The Icon also includes the Skintel Melanin Reader™, an FDA-approved device that measures the melanin in your skin, providing Dr. Bonlie the information he needs to customize your skin resurfacing treatment.

What conditions benefit from Icon laser treatment?

Dr. Bonlie offers Icon laser treatments to improve the appearance of your skin. Some of the skin imperfections that disappear with Icon laser treatments include:

  • Acne scarring, including discoloration and depressions in your skin

  • Surgical or traumatic scars, including C-section scars and burns

  • Signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, rough texture, and hyperpigmentation

  • Stretch marks from pregnancy, growth spurts, or rapid changes in weight

  • Melasma, or patchy brown discoloration due to hormones, medication, or sun damage

You may notice an improvement in your skin after just one Icon laser treatment, but most patients have a series of treatments to achieve optimal results. Dr. Bonlie provides customized advice on how to best address your skin concerns.

How does the Icon laser system work?

The Icon laser system delivers carefully calibrated laser energy into your skin. Depending on your specific skin concerns, Dr. Bonlie can target the surface of your skin or deeper dermal layers. The laser penetrates your skin and stimulates new collagen growth, which plumps your skin from within to create a more youthful surface appearance. The laser also exfoliates your skin, removing old, dry skin cells to reveal fresh new skin underneath.

Am I a good candidate for Icon laser treatment?

If you’re in generally good health but are concerned about the appearance of your skin, you are most likely an excellent candidate for Icon laser treatments. The Icon laser is FDA-cleared and suitable for all skin types and tones. The unique Icon laser can be calibrated to deliver precisely what your skin needs to trigger rejuvenation.

If you want to learn more about how the Icon laser can enhance your skin, call Dr. Bonlie or schedule a consultation online today.

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